+What is Dolby Atmos?

Dolby brings Atmos sound effects in the new plane, allowing the viewer to experience not only the direction but also the vertical position of the sound source. Thus, the sound of rain really is coming from the ceiling, and from the oncoming train shakes the floor. The halls of the United network "CinemaPlus" became the first Azerbaijani to installing Dolby Atmos.
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+What if my age does not meet the age restrictions of the film?

The cashiers have a right not to let You or not to sell the ticket. At the movies category of 12+ by law, children older than 6 years have a right to come, but only when accompanied by parents!

+Loved the movie poster, is it possible to pick it up?

Perhaps if it stays in stock. To pick up the poster, You need to contact the administrator of the theater, you are sure to help!

+Do you have a loyalty program?

We have a programme of bonus cards "CineClub". To know the conditions of the bonus program the link:

+How much is the ticket?

The ticket price depends on the cinema format, time and day of the week. All prices in the schedule are relevant to know the price of the ticket, you need to choose for your film, format, day and time is the link:

+What movies will come tomorrow/day after tomorrow/next week? The site has no schedule!

Wait, it is sure to appear! Usually, the schedule is updated in the environment in the course of the day.

+What are movies?

Information is on our website: http://www.cinemaplus.az

+Is it possible the child or young person to go to an adult movie?

You can go to the film unless accompanied by parents.

+What are the promotions currently active in the network of cinema CinemaPlus? Are there any discounts?

With all of our promotions and discounts can be found on the link

+Not able to buy online ticket on the website, and now the seats are occupied, what to do?

After 10 minutes they come back on sale automatically. You can wait or buy other places nearby.


All of Your feedback with the wishes, comments and suggestions regarding the operation of cinemas and the network as a whole, You can send them to my email info@cinemaplus.az . Each appeal will be processed in the shortest possible time and taken into account.