Dolby Atmos

Sound effects in a new plane.

Dolby Atmos brings sound effects in the new plane, allowing the viewer to experience not only the direction but also the vertical position of the sound source.
Thus, the sound of rain really is coming from the ceiling, and from the oncoming train shakes the floor.
Now the sound can appear from any point of cinema, creating the most realistic picture of what is happening. Be it action, fantasy or romance – get ready, waiting for you movie, as you have never heard!

The best movies in Dolby Atmos

Dolby many years working in tandem with leading Hollywood studios has already secured their support and received confirmation of the early use of the new audio capabilities to solve their creative problems.

The first tape with Dolby Atmos was disney's 3D animated film "Brave". And after the long-awaited announcement of the cooperation of Dolby Laboratories and Studio producer Peter Jackson's Park Road Post Production, the main premiere of the 2013 film "the Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey" was released in Dolby Atmos, through which the picture became even more realistic audio series, plunging the audience into the world of middle-earth.

Now, almost every major release is created in Hollywood, you can watch and hear in new ways, thanks to Dolby Atmos.

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