Zaur Darabzadeh: CinemaPlus will introduce 4DX technology in Deniz Mall shopping center


Azerbaijan's biggest CinemaPlus cinema theater with state-of-the-art 4DX technology will open at Deniz Mall shopping center on the Caspian Sea shore.

That the first presentation took place during the Bakutel 2019 international telecommunication and information technologies exhibition, one of the most significant events in the Caspian and Caucasian regions.

Azerbaijan is the world's 65th country to introduce this technology. Among the CIS countries, it follows Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

"The innovative cinema theater technology 4DX augments action-packed and horror movies with additional practical effects, including motion seats, splashing water and wind, lightning and snow, bubbles and scents. These innovations make 4DX one of the most breathtaking formats in the movie industry, plunging viewers into action on the big screen," member of CinemaPlus Supervisory Board Zaur Darabzadeh said.

According to him, each 4DX hall consists of seats with movement in space synchronously with video with 21 different effects and "maximizes the excitement from watching the film, standing beyond the boundaries of audio and video capabilities." More than 650 Hollywood and local films were shown in 4DX format. Today there are more than 75,000 4DX seats in 649 rooms in 64 countries.

"I would like to note that all premiered movies are shown in 4DX format.

"The shopping center is to open in early 2020. London designer Chapman Taylor is the author of its unique design, inspired by the eight-pointed star on the emblem of Azerbaijan. CinemaPlus Cinema Theater consists of 11 halls and 1,165 seats.

"CinemaPlus chain includes seven cinema theaters, 33 screens, and 3,638 seats," Darabzadeh said.

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