The anticipated Turkish comedy film "Eltilerin Savashi" at CinemaPlus


"CinemaPlus" cinema theaters chain will screen the anticipated Turkish comedy film "Eltilerin Savashi".

Directed by: Onur Bilgetay.

Starring: Gupse Ozay, Merve Dizdar, Ferit Aktuk and Uraz Kaygilaroghlu.

The film unfolds the story of sweet dispute and endless competition between two sisters-in-law, Sultan and Gizem. The sisters-in-law find themselves in the middle of funny war, as none of them wants to feel left behind.

The brothers, Salim and Fatih, soon became involved in competition among their wives.

Film will be theatrically released from February 6 at all cinema theatres of "CinemaPlus".

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