Bachelor Party in "CinemaPlus"


A presentation of the comic film produced by France and Belgium "Bachelor in Europe" ("Subaylığın son gecəsi. Avropa") took place at the premium cinema "CinemaPlus Amburan Mall".

The film was dubbed in Azeri by the professional studio "Cinemazadeh" in 2018.

Director of dubbing Rovshan Mammadli, chief producer Jafar Akhundzade, editor Vugar Huseynov, sound technician Vusal Abdulgasanov, post-production Rufat Kazimzade, executive producer Emil Davudzade, sound producer Azad Veliyev.

The film was voiced by Alikhan Radzhabov, Vusal Murtuzaliev, Rovshan Mammadli, Vusal Hajigadir, Vusal Haligoglu, Elchin Muradov, Vugar Huseynov, Husniy Murvetova, Nazakyat Shahbazi, Raksana Veliyeva and Zemfira Abdulsamedova.

The main roles in the film by Javier Gens were played by Alix Poisson, Alice Belaidi, Jamilla Zorel.

According to the scenario, friends who are tired of work and colleagues go to Budapest. Here they decide to organize unforgettable pre-wedding parties.

The film is intended for viewers over 18 years of age.

Support in the organization of the event was provided by: dubbing studio "Cinemazadeh", Cinema Distribution, Ganja Sharab, vodka "Banketnaya" and guilt "Gala".

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