Murat Boz and Seda Bakan at CinemaPlus


"Ganjlik Mall CinemaPlus" held the premiere of Turkish romantic comedy “Öldür Beni Sevgilim”(Kill Me, if You Dare).

The press conference with the well-known Turkish stars Murat Boz and Seda Bakan was held before the premiere screening of film.

The popular Turkish stars were warmly received by audience and photographed with great pleasure. And before the screening, Murat Boz performed on stage soundtrack of film together with his little fan.

Film director: Shenol Sonmez. Starring: Murat Boz, Seda Bakan, Achelya Topaloglu, Ozgur Emre Yildirim, Seda Guven, Yosi Mizrahi, Dilshad Shimshek and Ali Yogurtchuoglu.

Synopsis: The film tells the story of a couple that decide to murder each other. Okan and Demet are married for 5 years. Despite the years spent together, their relationship is not in a good place. Their love story started as a fairy tale, continued with full feeling of euphoria and ended happily.

But when the routine devoured their marriage life, the feeling of euphoria for each other was gone.

The film was released starting from 14th of March at all cinema theaters of ‘CinemaPlus’ cinema theaters chain.

The support for the organization of event was provided by: ‘Cinema Distribution Azerbaijan’ theatrical distribution company, ‘Ganjlik Mall’ Shopping Center, ‘Azad Azerbaijan’ TV and radio broadcasting company, ‘Hilton Baku’, ‘Bizon Energy’ and ‘Hillside’ premium class wines.

Distribution rights of film in Azerbaijan belong to ‘Cinema Distribution Azerbaijan’ company. During its 5 years activity ‘Cinema Distribution Azerbaijan’ company distributed more than 300 local and foreign films in different genres.

The films, presented to cinema theaters by ‘Cinema Distribution Azerbaijan’ were watched by record number of viewers.

Cinema Distribution is the exclusive partner of BKM, production company of film ‘Oldur beni sevgilim’ in Azerbaijan and other CIS countries for 3 years and during this period of time it provided the country with a lot of successful films.

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