“Escape Room” horror movie at CinemaPlus 2 days before premiere - Video


At the CinemaPlus premium class cinema located in Ganjlik Mall, “Escape Room” psychological thriller was shown 2 days before the premiere.

Once again, the cinema decided to surprise with its decoration. An original decor was installed in the form of a transparent box with chains, imitating a closed space in the form of a quest used in the film. Guests and spectators enjoyed it a lot and made memorable photos and selfies.

The film's director Adam Robitel played one of the main roles in the “Escape Room”.

Cast: Deborah Ann Wall, Tyler Labin, Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Nick Dodani, Adam Robitel, Jessica Sutton, Jay Ellis, Jamie-Lee Mani and Vera Tyndale.

In the center of the plot is the story of six young unacquainted people, who were offered to participate in a quest with a million dollars win. Participants need to get out of the room, but they soon realize that they have fallen into a maze full of dangerous high-tech traps. Heroes will have to apply all their ingenuity and endurance, because their lives are at stake. As a result, a completely unpredictable struggle for survival begins.

Support in organizing the event was provided by the quest Claustrophobia Baku and Red Bull.

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