CinemaPlus holds free screening of Хоca


On February 26, in light of the Khojaly tragedy, a free screening of the film "Xoca" directed by Vahid Mustafayev will be held in CinemaPlus.

The film tells us about the tragic fate of two loving couples in the years of the Karabakh war. "Xoca" is considered the first full-length film that reflects the full scale of the tragedy of Khojaly.

Ilgar Musayev, Nigar Bahadurgizy, Elmira Yagubova, Mina Sovetskaya, Azer Aydemir, as well as the Honored Artist of Azerbaijan Telman Aliyev and People's Artist Nadjib Huseynov starred in the main roles.

Briefly about the film: Two young people, Alekper and Gunel decide to marry and file an application with the registrar. The wedding day is scheduled for February 25, 1992, but soon the intelligence officer Alekper is called to the city of Khojaly, to Karabakh, where the war is already on. On the eve of the wedding, preparing to return to Baku, he finds out that the city is surrounded by Armenian forces. Now he has to make a choice: to return to Baku, where his bride Gunel is waiting for him, or to stay with his comrades in the city and prepare for battle.

The other pair is Alekper's fighting friend Yura Black (the prototype is the National Hero of Azerbaijan Yuri Kovalev) and Mehriban, an ordinary telegraph operator. At first they treat each other coldly, but when the time comes to protect their native land, they forge true feelings for each other. As a result of the bombing of Khojaly, Mehriban loses her grandparents, after which she takes up arms in defense of her native city.

Moreover, all films of the comedy genre will be removed from the repertoire.

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