Turkish horror film "Korku Takvimi" at the “CinemaPlus” - VIDEO


The Turkish horror film “Korku Takvimi” (Calendar of Fears) produced by Dras Film Pictures has been launched in the chain of cinemas “CinemaPlus”.

Duration of the film is 100 minutes. Age limit is 18+

The film is Directed by Yunus Shevik.

Starring characters are Melisa Seda, Zafer Kora and Nevin Efe.

Briefly about the film: Hulia's biggest dream is to become a famous actress. One day she receives an offer for the main role she dreamed of. But she did not expect that she would not play a major role, and life would play mercilessly with her. The adventure, which began with an accident they encountered on the way to the set with her close friend Ebru and her co-star Tahir, will actually be the most innocent event. On the night of the day the shooting started and the day she achieved her dream, Julia is faced with events she doesn't know and can't understand.

The “CinemaPlus” cinema is always ready to delight you with the best premieres in the history of cinema and make pleasant surprises.

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