"CinemaPlus" released the film based on worldwide best seller.


"CinemaPlus" premium cinema theatres chain released the family film "Tim Taler, or the sold laughter", based on worldwide bestseller, dubbed into Azerbaijani by "Cinemazadeh" studio in 2019.

Translation and text editing: Vugar Huseynov, dubbing director: Kamal Yashar, sound director: Orxan Agahalarov. post-production supervisor: Rufat Karimzadeh, executive producer: Alisattar Guliyev, producer: Jafar Akhundzadeh.

The film was dubbed by: Agil M. Guliyev, Alikhan Rajabov, Chichek Abbasova, Toghrul Rza and Vusal Hajigadir.

Director: Andreas Dresen.

Synopsis: The boy named Tim Taler loves to laugh more than anything else in the world and his laughter is awfully contagious.

One day, at the races, Tim meets the strange gentleman, who offers boy interesting deal: From now on Tim will win any bet, but in exchange he needs to sell his laughter...

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