Dubbed into Azerbaijani, American comedy film "Drunk Parents" at CinemaPlus


CinemaPlus premium cinema theatres chain released comedy film "Drunk Parents", dubbed into Azerbaijani by "Cinemazadeh" studio in 2019.

Translation and text editing: Vugar Huseynov, dubbing director: Kamal Yashar, sound director: Orxan Agahalarov. post-production supervisor: Rufat Karimzadeh, executive producer: Alisattar Guliyev, producer: Jafar Akhundzadeh.

The film was dubbed by: Oxana Rasulova, Vusal Hajigadir, Alikhan Rajabov. Tarana Ojagverdiyeva, Rahim Rahimov, Rauf Aghakishiyev. Togrul Rza and Mahir Mirishli.

Director: Fred Wolf.

Starring: The well-known Hollywood actors Salma Hayek and Alec Baldwin.

Synopsis: Married couple Frank and Nancy will do everything to hide their financial failure from their friends and daughter, and renting mansion of other people is no exception. But will two bad-luck opportunists be able to pull off their unbelievable scheme? After all, everything for them is the great opportunity to open the new bottle…

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