"CinemaPlus" is at "Soyuq əllər, isti ürək" New Year’s Day Fair


"CinemaPlus" takes part in "Soyuq əllər, isti ürək" (Cold Hands, Warm Heart) New Year’s Day Fair on Fountains square, from December 1 till January 13, organized and supported by "Nargis" Fund.

"Soyuq əllər, isti ürək" provides the residents and guests of city with holiday mood, charging with positive energy and puts to the magical atmosphere. By attending a winter fair, you can not only feel yourself as a part of the New Year’s fairy tale, but receive gift cards from "CinemaPlus" and information about 4DX advanced technology as well. This technology will be installed in the biggest cinema theatre of country, "CinemaPlus" theatre, at "Deniz Mall" shopping center.

Innovative cinema technology enhances visual effects of action-packed blockbusters and horror films with additional special effects, such as motion, rotation and shakings of seats, water splashing and wind, lightning and snow, soap bubbles and scent. Due to this, 4DX is one of the most exciting formats of the film industry, plunging the audience into action on the big screen.

The opening of the shopping center is scheduled for the beginning of 2020. The unique design of the shopping center has been developed by Chapman Taylor, London-based designer, inspired by the eight-pointed star on the emblem of Azerbaijan. This cinema theatre consists of 11 cinema halls and 1, 165 seats.

"CinemaPlus" cinema theatres chain consists of 7 cinema theaters, 33 screens, and 3,638 seats.

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