"CinemaPlus" holds the screening of animation film "Terra Willy: Unknown Planet" in Azerbaijani.


"CinemaPlus" cinema theatres chain started the screenings of French animation film "Terra Willy: Unknown Planet” (original title: Terra Willy: Planète inconnue) dubbed professionally into Azerbaijani by "Cinemazadeh" studio in 2019.

The film was dubbed by: Aysun Alasgarova, Vugar Huseynov, Vusal Haji-Gadir, Gulnara Zulalova and Aytaj Valibayli.

Dubbing director: Samir Alasgarov, text editing and translation: Vusal Akhmedzadeh, sound director: Orkhan Aghalarov, sound editor: Agamalik Abbaszade, post-production supervisor: Rufat Karimzadeh, executive producer: Alisattar Guliyev, producer: Jafar Akhundzadeh.

Director: Éric Tosti.

Synopsis: Following the meteor storm, the young space explorer Willy finds himself on unexplored planet. With the help of Buck, he has to survive here until the arrival of the rescue mission of his parents. But the battery of Buck drains rapidly and in order to save Buck and go back to home, Willy needs to find new friends and learn how to live by the rules of jungle of wild planet.

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