CinemaPlus held the screening of French comedy film on our native language


Premium cinema theater "Ganjlik Mall CinemaPlus" held the screening of French comedy film "The Trouble With You" (original title: En liberté!), dubbed profesionally into Azerbaijani by Cinemazadeh studio in 2019.

The film was screened in "Director’s Fortnight" of Cannes International Film Festival and won "Society of Authors and Dramatic Composers" Prize. It also was nominated for "Sezar" award for nine categories.

The film was dubbed by Alikhan Rajabov, Ofeliya Novruzgizi, Emin Nasirli, Azada Abbasova, Allahverdi Yolchuyev, Vusal Haji-Gadir, Rahim Rahimov, Aysun Alasgarova, Samir Alasgarov, Vugar Huseynov, Aytaj Memmedova and Narmin Galibova.

Dubbing director: Samir Alasgarov, text editing: Vugar Huseynov, translation from English: Shakhla Aligizi, sound director: Orkhan Aghalarov, sound editor: Agamalik Abbaszade, post-production supervisor: Rufat Karimzadeh, executive producer: Alisattar Guliyev, producer: Jafar Akhundzadeh.

Director: Pierre Salvadori.

Starring: Adèle Haenel, Pio Marmaï and Audrey Tautou.

Synopsis: Yvonne, the young police inspector, suddenly discovers that her husband was not exactly the model of decent officer of the law: It turns out that because of him an innocent young man called Antoine has spent 8 years in prison. Now Yvonne tries to do everything in her power in order to help Antoine to go back to normal life.

The organization of event was supported by: ‘"Cinemazadeh" dubbing studio, "Cinema Distribution" and "Şeh Su".

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