CinemaPlus held the event of Union of Cinematographers and Embassy of Lithuania


Premium cinema theatre "Azerbaijan CinemaPlus" held the event organized by Union of Cinematographers of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Embassy of Lithuania in Azerbaijan.

There took place the meeting with Mindaugas Survila, the well-known director from Lithuania, followed with the screening of film "Ancient woods".

Mindaugas Survila, the biologist and documentarian from Lithuania, spent 12 years for fulfilling of his project. The film was shot in the oldest woods of Lithuania. Poetic and non-standard film offers to audience to take endless trip to the nature, starting with woods bush, caves of wolves and the nest of black stork, then submerging in depths of underwater of woods and returning to people inhabiting this land.

There is no voice-over text in the film, but only varied, barely perceptible and the magic atmosphere of woods, caught by the objective of camera.

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