“Kafalar karışıq” movie was shown in CinemaPlus


“Kafalar karışıq”, the Turkish comedy was shown for media representatives in the CinemaPlus premium-class cinema, located in the 28 Mall shopping center.

Particularly interesting fact is that the leading actors are famous Turkish vainers, playing themselves.

The director of the film is Yuzel Yolchu. Starring Atakan Yozyurt, Bilal Khanji, Fatih Yasin, Metin Akpınar and Feride Hilal Akin.

Briefly: The only obstacle facing Atakan to marry his rich sweetheart, Buse, is her grandfather. To overcome this obstacle, Atakan decides to find Buses father, who was lost many years ago. Fatih and Bilal, his longtime friends, are accompanying him on his adventure. An exciting quest leads them to the deserted bay of Antalya. In the end, Atakan finds his future father-in-law, but they face a situation that they did not expect to face at all. That's where the real adventure begins ...

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