“Fəlakət” movie Gala night was held at CinemaPlus -Video


In the CinemaPlus premium class cinema, located in "Gənclik Mall" shopping center hosted the gala evening of the "Fəlakət" comedy film.

The cinema was decorated with original decorations in accordance with content of the film. There were also orchestral performances, a buffet and drinks.

Chief Producer is Jafar Akhundzade, producer Mamed Mamedov, director Emil Guliyev, cameraman Orkhan Abbasoff, scriptwriters Emil Guliyev and Vusal Akhmedzadeh, production designer Arif Niftiyev, second director Chingiz Hasanov, costume designer Olga Shabanova, makeup artist Polina Tkachenko, art director Parviz Babayev, sound producer Ramzes, sound engineer Sergey Netrunenko and executive producer Azer Aydemir.

Starring Elshan Orujov, Azer Aydemir, Nofel Shahlaroglu, Ulvi Hasanli, Igrar Salamov, Orhan Ata, Laman Merih, Taleh Yuzbekov, Nasib Eldarova, Solmaz Suleimanly, Zaur Baliyev, Nahid Karimli, Tural Azizov, Jeyhun Mamedov, Vusal Hasanli, Svetlana Aliyeva, Sabuhi Bayramov, Emil Mamedov, Hasan Aga, Azer Salimli and others.

The film tells about the family of Felaket, his childhood, the courtyard where he himself lives, and about his personal life, so that viewers get to know him even closer. Problems begin with the fact that one of the businessmen wants to demolish the residential courtyard, where our main character lives, and Felaket, like a superhero, wants to solve this problem and punish the evil businessman. But, after all, it is Felaket - the man, who with his inadequacy, may not only destroy his own plans, but make them even more complicated. Would he be able to find a way out? The film will be released on November 22nd in all the cinemas of the CinemaPlus chain.

Support in organizing the event was provided by the dubbing studio “Cinemazadeh”, Cinema Distribution, Spanish restaurant "El Portalon" and Ganja Sharab.

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