The grand Gala evening of film “Çat Kapı aşk” - Video


The grand Gala evening of romantic comedy “Çat Kapı aşk” ("Sudden Love"), produced by "Cinemazadeh", shot in Turkey, took place at Elektra Events Hall.

The event was attended by celebrity, well-known journalists, bloggers and entrepreneurs of large organizations.

The decor of event venue attracted attention of guests with its luxury and magnificence, and the originality of design was adorable.

The Gala evening was attended by the famous Turkish actresses Muge Boz, Nargis Kumbasar, the Azerbaijani actor Elmaddin Jafarov and crew members of film.

After the premiere audience gave crew members a standing ovation.

Film director: Erhan Baytimur, producer: Jafar Akhundzadeh, composer: Rustam Zeynalli, music editor: Aynur Akhundzadeh, screenwriters: Deniz Guney and Nesrin Zamur, director of photography: Omer Yilmaz, executive director: Tural Asadov, executive producer: Emil Davudzadeh, editors: Vugar Islamzadeh and Rufat Karimzadeh, sound director: Orkhan Aghalarov, art director: Parviz Babayev.

Starring: Jess Molho, Muge Boz, Nargis Kumbasar, Ibrahim Selim, Elmaddin Jafarov and others.

Synopsis: The young woman, sculptor, Su, who believes that she definitely will find the love of her life, meets and falls in love with the lawyer Aras, who always feels anxiety and fights it in different ways. Aras lives in the same building with Su. Despite the emerging love between Aras and Su, there are significant obstacles, keeping them away from each other. Aras tries to avoid the relationship with Su, until he doesn’t solve all his problems. Nariman from Azerbaijan, working as watchman in the same building, has to ask Su for a help in pursuit for other purpose.

The support for the organization of event was provided by: "CinemaPlus" cinema theaters chain, "Cinema Distribution Azerbaijan" theatrical distribution company, "Cinemazadeh" studio, "Filmzadeh" studio (based in Turkey), Elektra Events Hall, "Kepro Laser Beauty" Epilation Center, Bizon Energy, "Kevents" decor company and "Strafor-kesim".

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